Sweet Ride Today

Okay, so maybe I'll get back in and post a few things from our Virginia bike camp to this blog...but for now I'm moving forward. Work and general life stuff conspired to keep me off the bike all week. Well, I did get out Tuesday for 90 minutes. So by today I was wanting to ride BAD. My legs had been hurting (I think my muscles were saying good bye). The ribs have been cranky all week. Might was well put it to them today!

Hooked up with some long distance mtn bikers. We spun out 70 miles and the Polar claims over 4000' of climbing. Sure would like to see a power file from today.

Mix of Island Lake, pavement, gravel, random singletrack and the Poto. Return to Island Lake. Just have to say Jim put together a great route. To all the guys I rode with today...you put me in the hurt locker and kept me there a LOT of the ride today. Super great ride. Somehow I think that crit tomorrow is going to take a lot of effort.

Sunny day with a solid east wind. Certainly provided major incentive to NOT loose a wheel when we were on the road. Perfect weather today for riding. Trails were in great shape too.


Still here

Just in case you've been checking in for updates...they are still in the works. Life sort of intervened with this side project. Photos and tales from riding in Virginia to come. Um, how about another week?

Danielle is off to Cohutta 100 this weekend. I'm heading out for some long days. Got in a super good ride today. A nice change from all the yard work and landscaping that has been going on here. Although I enjoy that, but sure got sore digging holes. Past weekend we replaced the plants we'd taken out a few weeks earlier. Clay...rocks...roots all in a single hole rather than out on the mtn bike trail.



Virginia Bound!!!

Ahhh, we're off. LJ and I headed south to Virginia today. Time for our annual trek to a great bike camp. The drive went really quick and we got over the Blue Ridge mountains in the daylight! Only one deer delay.
Here we are with the peaks behind us.