Winter arrives

No real news for most of you...winter has shown up all icy too. This past weekend was a bit of a travel and some winter trail hikes. Chillin' and getting ready to ramp back up.

Signed up for Syllamo's Revenge. Maybe turn it into a bit of travel/trail week.


Sweet Riding & a Poll on Why Blog?

Wow, nice to be doing three hour rides outside here in January! LJ came this way and we hooked up with E-man, a couple of collegiate racers and tri racer. Good pack and plenty o' pain for the day. Overcast skies much of the ride, 38 deg and wind that shifted around to be in our face a lot today...but it was dry. We finished up before the snow came today. Is winter really going to show up? Looked more like Christmas today.

Polling: Why do you blog?
Speak up about the whats-n-whys of your blogging.


Riding in an Awesome New Year

What have I been up to besides WAAAAY too much computer updating at work?
Another winter ride without snow and just a little bit of rain. The wind? Well it sure what sweet on the return. The ride was with these two:

Check it out here

Ignore the hobbit in the pics...