No Ride on this bike!

Putting a fresh chain on the bike today before I was going to go for an epic. Well instead I found that my seatstay was cracked!

I'll be sending this bad boy out to Merlin. Sure hope they want to fix it. I've NEVER broken a frame, let along a ti one!

So a change in plans and a different ride.
No cracks on this sweet ride:


Viva Le Tour!

What a great three weeks of racing. Lots of surprises this year.

I spent a lot of time on the road bike today. Had to wait for some deer to cross the road. Four hours with the efforts in the last hour. Sunny and a nice breeze. This is all build up to regain what I lost during my 'time off' the bike. Ramping up for a few solid weeks of training in preparation for CX season!

Check out this great article by Daniel Coyle (Outside Online)


How to look like an Armadillo

Today after watching the Tour (what a great one, eh?) headed out on the mountain bike. Okay, before you get all wound up...I spent most of my time on the road. But for the little bit of time I was on the EASY trails at Burchfield I had on my super rib vest. Not that I expect to go down out there but right now if I showed up at the docs with my ribs injured again....it would be all over. Certainly will make one work on heat acclimatization. Add a hydropak and we're talking layers of stuff to hold in the heat and block the wind. But it was all worth it!


Riding, riding, riding

Gotta love it. After a rough ride on Thursday, today was a great stretch. Met up with Leslie. She's just a week back from Master's Nats (where she took 3rd)and getting her legs back into shape after the mountains. I was ready to ride steady so a recovery ride for her and a workout for me. Made for a good match on the road. We ended up rolling almost three hours. Great day.


Riding the road

Saw my 'rib' doc today. Seems that the cough I'd had for months and the fact that the four broken ribs are all togehter things are taking the long end of the healing time. Last visit he thought he'd give me the okay to return to mountain biking end of this month (with protective gear). Negatory.

Move pavement in my immediate future. But I'm just REAL happy to be riding.

Here's a pic from a recent ride. Given the time of day it's titled "Rush Hour"
I love finding new gravel roads. This one was better than a lot of the pavement and of course the lack of cars was nice too. Lots of options to ride with LOW traffic.

Been grooving the heat of late. Heat index a bit nasty this past weekend but I sure am enjoying being warm!

Badger's Back!!!!!!

Those of you that have followed along know that Rob Pennell of Badger Cycles built up a super sweet 29er frame for me. I’m a shorter rider (as 29ers go) and had asked him to consider S-bend seatstays which he did put on it. In the end the tire clearance we were after just couldn’t achieved on a frame as small as I needed. Knowing that I was anxious to get this frame and have it for Ouachita in March, Rob pressed on and finished it up.

After that race he took the frame back to rework the rear end. It now sports some sick seat stays and talk about clearance! Yowza. Loads of room there now.

Since I broke a batch of ribs late May I didn’t get much of a chance to ride it after it came back. Well, I’ve been on it a few times now and just have to say this bike sings! What a ride. It doesn’t take long to forget I’m riding a hardtail.

The handling is superb. Steering input from the saddle is the best I’ve ever had. The custom fit means I’ve been able to ride this bike for hours and not end up with a sore neck or back. Rob has the rider mass/weight distribution dialed.

Life, Spirit, a batch of custom selected light tubing make up this frame. The filet construction is a look I’ve always been partial to. This bike is rolling art. It is as much fun to look at as it is to ride. Makes for a very nice combination.

Some of Rob’s newest work is even sweeter looking. They seem to just keep getting better and better. Learn more at www.badgercycles.com

How’s it look? Take a peek. Final build was under 24#. The Industry Nine wheels are sub 1500g and spin up FAST. The whole package is incredibly responsive, especially with the CX 42s on there. Photo essay follows.


What a crazy heat storm

One massive localized strom blew through here tonight. Check out this radar pic. 1.5" of rain too!