Comfy Road Shoes / Specialized Body Geometry

Having worn Sidi shoes for years I decided it was time to check out Specialized's Pro Carbon road shoe for women. These have proved to be super comfortable and fit great. Toe box is roomy but not overly so if you have narrower feet. They have all the Body Geometry ergonomics and carbon soles. The ratcheting strap has a screw that allows you to move the strap closer to your ankle or toe (three settings). Easy to do. Helps dial in the fit. The usual ratchet strap and two additional Velcro ones get the job done. The uppers breathe and are supple, durable (so far) and light. You can tune the fit more via Specialized's series of insoles.

These get a check em out rating if you're shopping shoes. Another big plus, in the carbon sole shoe range, they cost a lot less than the others.


Hard to Imagine

Just last week....riding in this beauty.
The snow and tenacious winter here has lost its welcome.
Ready for spring to come back.