Women in Cycling History

Alfonsina Morini Strada was the only woman ever to participate in the Giro d'Italia along with all the guys. The year: 1924. Alfonsina was as high as 41st place in the GC, in a race where the shortest stage was 250 km. Roads were unpaved, no cushy team support vehicles for the riders so they had to do their own repairs and take care of themselves.

A crash caused her to arrive outside the time limit on one stage so she was officially out of the race. But she was bringing so much attention to the race, that the officials allowed her (and some of the guys as well) to continue. She completed the Giro 38 hours back of first. Still, she made it. Many had abandoned during the race.

A more detailed history and other cool cycling history can be found at this blog.

A more recent standout in cycling history, Audrey McElmury, was the first US female to win the World Road Championships (Aug. 1969). A more complete listing of accomplishments of this Cycling Hall of Famer can be read here. There's also a nice "At the Back" article about her in the March 10 ('08) issue of VeloNews.

Nice bit of cycling history (since I'm tired of reading about the UCI/ASO/Pro Team arguments).

A week of inside

There were a couple of sweet days out there but working the regular kinda day job doesn't often allow me to get outside during the week. I'd told myself that I was going to ride outside today regardless. Morning came, no fresh snow. Fifteen degrees, windy and overcast. The kind of day I'd head to the woods with the mtb but there is still too much snow out there. Just not the kind of day I'm ready to log long hours on the open road. At least, not right now given the past couple weeks of fighting off the winter crud. So......off to the basement for another stellar installment of quality trainer time. DONE. Good stretch of time. Knowing that I'll soon be riding outside is adding motivation to the rides.


Riding Outside

So what's the big deal? In a word: change. it was quite nice to get outside and ride some naturally varied terrain with headwinds, some sloppy pavement, hills. Bit of a change from the trainer rides of late. Though I've really enjoyed having enough winter to XC ski in. Just finding myself more and more ready for winter to head out for the year.

Knew that it wouldn't all be snow-covered roads and even this one wasn't too bad early in the day. This pic also proof that the sun does shine here (this pic is for you 'Mr. now I live in always sunny Colorado').

Though some of the views were a bit non-varied. In this sea of overcast white, there is a small out building with a flight windsock. Just reinforced that the wind was coming into my face a lot faster than the weather report had suggested it would be. Not a problem, made for a nice quick ride back.

Every ride is a good ride. Get out and ride your bike! Or run, ski, whatever it is you do. Make the most of it.