Speaking of simplify...

Been thinking yet again of stopping this blog thing. Maybe at some point moving it over to a small web site or not. There is sort of a community thing, the circle of bloggers you keep up with via reading the blog vs email or phone. But it all takes time.

The sands of time ignite urge simplify?

I've been on a real 'cleaning' bent....getting rid of things, giving some things away, moving out lots of bike parts that oh, sort of collected (bike stuff, a real favorite). This gem is on its way to a new home in Seattle.

Just seem to be on an early modified spring cleaning bent. Not totally sure about the origin of it. Maybe a bit of mental release. I'm still slowly realizing that is was ten years ago that the whole gradually accelerating parent care thing started. I guess when the grains of sand drop on you one by one you don't notice how deep they've gotten around you. A couple weeks back I felt better when I woke up than I had in over two years. It was startling to me. So here's to a fresh new year! I'm ready for spring.


Staying Cold

Winter deep freeze. Some of the drivers were real impatient to get on
the road this a.m. so their windows were all frosty. I'm going to
assume that's why I was faced with a car going the wrong way on a one
way today while heading to work. It'd be a bit late for someone to be
heading home from the bar.


Zanier Heated Gloves do the job.

Been working, training and not much time to blogging. Sleep has been scarce too.

I have had the chance to really make use of my super cool (er hot) Zanier gloves. This was the warmest gift I've ever received. If the weather doesn't turn I may start wearing them around the house too.

The gloves have rechargable NiMH batteries. The three heat settings provide 86 degree heat for 10 hours, 98.6 degree heat for 4.5 hours and 131 degree heat for 2 hours.

In the past I've used lobster mitts and charcoal packs, more liners and still ending up with funny colored numb digits. These heated gloves have been really nice for long road rides when the windchill was 15deg. or XC skiing in our recent weather.

If you have from Raynaud's Syndrome these are a super help too.

Stay warm!