CX: Does it get any better than this?

Sunday? Must be time for some CX!!! Time to make good use of an opportunity to do a pair of races in large fields. Off to GR for some KissCross, yes, the home of racing for beer. Founders mind you.

What a blast. The course: Start, hard right around the pool house switching from pave/brick to dirt to grass, around some fenced area, 180 degree around a tree (and its roots) directly into the first pair of barriers. Some flat twisting grass stuff and bam: in the face wind on a long pavement section, hook left onto some two track, a bit of mud and water, some singletrack, a couple of nice patches of sand, grass, fast stuff, then the climbing. A nice little bump (Danielle, is that where I almost put you in the stairs? It's all a blur), gradual rise to take the edge off ya, a 90 around a tree and that's that where three (or was it nine) logs to run over and then run to the 'top' (read fake flat) to remount only to have the final climb left. Over the top, off the back side with a 90 left around loads of roots on to the whoop of the course: off camber and downhill to the next ride em cowboy 90 off camber, up hill, downhill off camber turn one final sweeper and haul butt baby and charge for the pines. Take those too tight and it's a face full o' limb but what a line! This section ruled. A couple of quick turns and right at the pond on the slick stuff (glad it wasn't real wet) and ground hog field to the final choppy sidewalk, one last set of barriers in the sand. A fine uneven section of broken pavement and dirt to remount on and a short sprint for the line.

B Race: there were 50-60 of us. Super cool. Had a good starting spot and got a pretty good start. Loads of riders and lots of fun ensued. It was over all too soon. I was 14 or 15th. Cool. Second gal (Danielle was up ahead).

Nikki from the Huntington Challenge came up for the race. She's been bit by the CX bug. Andrea and Chris from Lansing. A couple other new faces. Shivering. Glad to line up for the second feature.

A Race: Took a spot that I thought we be near the back of that group. Turned out to be three-quarters back or so. Ended up being about right. More madness ensued. I remember thinking that the first five laps of this race didn't take much longer than the original five. Otherwise it was mostly a blur. The off camber section was shaping up nicely and the two tree 'wraps' were getting darn near 'flowie' by then. I was in the low 3os for a finishing spot. But the real deal was having done a pair of these in a day. Wow. Danielle was great company to have out there for the rinse/repeat too. Don't know if any of the guys did a double.

Overall great day. Super course. Huge incentive to make sure you grabbed a wheel before the wind/pave section. Making time on the singletrack and sand. Sweetness.

Just a few short weeks of CX season left.


Thanksgiving and into the weekend

Those of you who know me understand the whole just add trees thing and mountain biking. This year has been so much better.

Thursday we had a bit of snow and it was like winter wonderland out in the woods. Coming out of a wooded section to be eye level with a field of frost and mist? Awesome. Another section of trail littered with wild turkey (I'm sure they were happy to be alive). Saturday went back for more. Did a couple hours on the mtb and then back out for some tune up on the CX bike. Great times


CX Season: The best time of year

Been bad about posting, writing about racing, etc. I've missed the CX season most of '05 and all of '06. Suffice it to say: I'm REALLY enjoying being out there racing again. Fun. Added in the mix is the fields are larger which makes the racing even more fun. Vets Park was a dbl. event weekend.

Sunday was even livelier with a keg of beer. Located near the run up, the "lubed" spectators provided the healthiest cheers for Battista as he took a beer per lap! Add cowbells, dogs, and some trombones, it was a blast.

Photo from Sunday's race is courtesy of Matt McCluskey.