State CX Race

Weather was the word for the day.

Loads of snow at Waterford, Robert and crew did a stellar job of making the course a superb one to ride. A few super fast sections mixed in with some that were almost silly slow to remain upright. Thinking the lack of heat kept a few of the regulars away today. Temp got all the way up to 18-19 degrees by the start. Solid NW wind took the windchill into single digits. The sun though came through and was shining on us for the day.

Bicilibre did a fine job representing with Andy taking home the win in the men's 45+ race today. Things came together nicely for me as the season draws to a close. Repeat of last year's place for 2nd in the elite women. Fun day of racing, lots of folks braved to cold to cheer us all on.

Thanks to Kinetic Systems and Tailwind for a stellar job!

Even got to make it to the little guy's 3rd birthday party. Racing CX and playing with the grandson all in one day. Pretty sweet.


CX State Race Tomorrow

Forecast is more of what this past week has held. Chilly and there's quite the layer of snow down already.

Here's a shot from set up today (pic is by/from here)