Borrowed Content & Inspiration

Today's inspiration comes from none other than the author of Frazz

Some people train so they can race; I race so I can train, so the all-important workout doesn't get shoved to the back burner so easily. Nothing inspires like knowing you're going to get your butt kicked in the next race if you don't train. The fact that I get my butt kicked anyway is completely beside the point.

-Jef Mallett, a former bike racer and current triathlete and cartoonist. His strip, "Frazz," appears in 150 newspapers across America.

This inspiration is all the more key right now as training time has gotten run over by work. That which makes the biking possible. At least the work stuff ought to clear out a bit faster than the broken bones of the past two years!

The pic from this CX blogger



Been working loads. Trying to get in a bit of riding.
Meanwhile check out what I have been seeing a lot of days on my way to work. Rarely get Sandhill cranes around here. Very cool.