Winter Riding: 50, 34 and 9 degrees??!!!

Weekend? Check
Winter? Check
Ride inside? No way.

January has sure been mixed weather. So even if it hasn't been enough snow to XC ski on, the biking has been happening.

Two weeks ago I spent Saturday inside on the trainer, pyramids and more. So I really wanted to get outside for the long ride Sunday. LJ and Ti Addiction joined in for the ride. We drove to the south until we were out of the thick fog caused by the warm temps with a foot of snow on the ground. It was about 50 degrees, raining some but we were outside. Those are some REAL flat roads but good to ride.

Last weekend Saturday was sunny, a couple degrees above freezing and dry roads. LJ and I rolled a few hours on the road. Nice day. Sunday would be more of the same, only on trail, right? Plan was to meet up with a bunch of folks for some mtb riding. Turned out to be a 'stupid fun' outing. Seems that the sunshine I left at home was the last I'd see that day. On the drive over it was into rain, then slush, then snow-covered roads. Thick, wet, heavy snow and 34 degrees. Fender? At home. Oh well, I was there and I was going to ride. It was near instant wet butt. A couple inches of slush on the trail made for a fun time, if wet and chilly (or is that silly?). Lots of fun for a couple hours.

This weekend has the state chillin' in single digits. Not to be stuck inside on the trainer for a long stretch until I'm forced there, I headed to the woods for two hours of playtime. Light blanket of snow, mostly frozen track. Made a new set of tracks in the snow and did a couple loops. Had a tire that decided it didn't need to hold air so I took that to be my sign to call it day. Sun was over the horizon and the temps were dropping farther down in the single digits and the batteries in my heated gloves were about done. Another great winter ride!

So don't be hiding inside, layer up and head out!