CX redefined

It's been just over eight months since I heard the words that sent most of my plans for this year to another place. Nearly five months away from aerobic activity. Fitness redefined. But the great thing is I'm slowly getting my energy back. Still find myself hitting the wall some days, just run plain out of energy. Over time it'll settle into the new 'normal'. All in all though no complaints. I've been very lucky.

CX season is here and the first races are this week. I'll be out there , love CX too much to miss it. But with only have about ten minutes of 'race' in the tank it'll sure make the rest of each race a real interesting time! Goals for this season are pretty simple: have fun.

If you're looking for a coach to help you reach your goals? I'm taking on new athletes this fall. Expert coaching cert from USA Cycling and working on finishing up the power certification. So not all of my plans and goals for this year had to wait! The coaching business is moving forward.


Fight like Susan

Many of you follow FatCyclist. For those of you who don't, it's been an incredible journey.
The sharing and community that developed around Susan's battle with cancer was incredible.

Fight the good fight every day.

There is no guarantee you'll see tomorrow and we need to embrace each day and each moment fully.

Laugh often and ride.


Monday No-Drop @ Burchfield

We had another good group tonight, 15 or so. Had a younger rider so we spit the group up a but to cover both those who could ride farther/faster and the newer riders. Good time. Deer sighting. Did some technique and skills work with the youth rider.

No pics, lots of smiles and fun though!


Thriving beyond cancer

This cactus is a bit of a metaphor for me this year.
Comes through the winter and is all beaten down. Bits of it missing. There isn't that much to it after being covered in the heavy winter snows. This spring, it looked pretty rough. But that cactus is tough. It is a survivor. Now it has lots of new growth and more blossoms than it's ever had.

Full of life!!!