MTB Riding and Racing Again

Yes, I'm back on dirt. Been missing it. The confidence is starting to return and I've been putting in more miles off road than on. I like to 'escape' to the woods, it is quieter there. Road is fun but there are just days I want to be on the trail.

A XC race a few weeks back and last weekend was a mtb stage race. Super fun. The Badger is one smooth riding frame and the big wheels sure add to that.

Big thanks to Steve Balogh for the pic


Vintage Ride Anyone?

My first mtb...
classic lugged steel
one long wheeelbase

Pro Cycling: When did it get so ugly?

Seems this is the face of Pro cycling today. I've lost most of my interest in following the Giro. Not like cycling is spanky clean. It has it's history...but the past decade?

This IS a true face of cycling.
Greg LeMond. My earliest inspiration to ride.
A poster of this race scene hangs in the basement/workout room. Those hours on the trainer in the winter...it keeps me going.

Here are today's real racers


Brilliant Traffic Engineering

This one comes from the UK.
"One of the most important factors in maintaining a cycle-friendly environment is to control vehicle speeds. Derbyshire County Council were so concerned about the excesive speeds reached by cyclists riding uphill ... that they introduced these novel cycle lane speed humps. Initially, there was a concern that speeding cyclists might simply ride on the road to avoid the humps... the scheme has been effective in keeping the mean speed of cyclists below 20mph."

You can find more of this unfortunate cycle route planning 'humor' here.