Thinking about a move

Looking at taking the blog to Wordpress
Any of you used it?

Also thinking about stopping the blog.

Time will tell. Have a couple of reviews I've been going to post.
Just seem short on time to do it up right.

Biked this past Sunday. Took a break from things and as LJ said, put down a bout of anger-gy! Working through a few grief and loss issues.


Take a trip on over to this site and see what you think.


Training Tunes?

What is the favorite play list for some of you? It's about that time of year where more of the training happens inside than out. Looking for some suggested tunes to load up.


Road with the SpeedyChix

Time for some "off season"easy rides right? Hooked up with LJ and Alicia for a fun ride. T1 was doing some home improvement assistance for LJ so he came out too on his little wheel SS (complete with SRM).

We consume coffee, laugh and finally get around to prepare for the ride. Another fine overcast uniformly 38deg day. Ahh, the shoulder of winter. Hey...little wind and no rain? It's great to be out there.

Start is a bit brisk for my CX tired legs. I'm lagging with Alicia (who's already been out once this day). So she made me feel really good by letting me give her a tiny push on a couple of bumps in the road. Lots of laughter, a couple of deer hanging out in the road, and just a hint of sun as we finished up the day.

Oh...and LJ did NOT dissapoint on the route selection. A bit of gravel + a hike a bike section. My kinda ride!


Playing in the mud again!

What a fabulous weekend. Decided it was time to give it a try. Kisscross racing was at Manhattan Park. True to form, it rained heavily in the days leading up to this race. The result? MUD and lots of it.

I really didn't know what to expect from myself having not done any intensity for months. So I lined up at the back of the field. Geez, didn't take long to see the folly of that. Oh well, I was really happy to be there and had a smile all the way across my face for the entire time. I've missed this a bunch!

Here's a shot of Founders team member Nate during the A race. One of my favorite spots on the course.

And what might have been the cleanest part of me...

Enjoyed this so much I'm going riding again tomorrow. A road ride with some friends over in Ann Arbor. Should be a good time again.


Riding the big 29er wheels!

Been getting out pretty regular now. Working on getting comfortable riding slick stuff. Wet leaves, roots and stuff out on the trail. Just not in any hurry to end up with another concussion.

Being outside and in the woods is among the category of really good things in life. Lately the boyz at mtbr 29er forum have been after postings of 'dirty' bikes...ones that have actually been ridden. Here's mine.

I still am amazed at how this bike rides. Rob nailed the fit and handling. Great mix of tubes. All the best things of steel and it is still light too. Sweet riding bike. Makes me smile.