Iron Cross Plus

This remind anyone of a climb in an early edition of Iron Cross?

See more vintage CX history here. Now that's cyclocross! No tame city park riding.


Specialized Shoes

Liked the road version so much that I picked up a pair of the carbon mtb shoes. They got a really nice test at the Lumberjack. SWEET. If you're looking for a roomy toe box (height) w/o excess width these are super.

Deer in the woods

So I've been a tad lame about blogging. Back into that mode of thinking about dumping this thing.

Tour: I've never watched or read so little about it in years. The last few stages though have drawn me back in a bit. The TT today was good.

Been riding in the woods a lot of late, fun. Been so dry the trails are hard pack and fast. Almost hit a deer out there yesterday.

CX season is sneaking up fast.