Been biking, not posting...

Have to say that I've been having much fun and just don't seem to get to the blog. Do you really care what I've been up to? Heck...you're all off having a good time too.

Quick summary of the spring
Marin, CA: had a great opportunity to go to Adnan's PCG camp. Awesome experience. Stellar riding, scenery and food.

Bedford, VA: what has become an annual training trek. Good for the baseline each season.

Cohutta 100: kicked off what has been a wet race season. Awesome race, fun times, endless climbing. Final twenty miles are so much fun!

Mohican 100: ended up doing the 100k. This was a training race and the way things were going, taking the shorter route seemed to be the best thing. Rare that I listen to reason in the midst of a race.

Brighton XC was in there somewhere. Legs still tired from the prior weekend, lower back normally chills out on the bike. This day....it was two hours before it finally got quiet. Race was still a bunch of fun.

Lumberjack 100
: Awesome! Everything came together for this one. It all worked great. The Eriksen 29er hardtail is the bike of choice for this course. The pit crew was perfect, the trail...well there were those bog sections after all the rain. But the rest of it rocked. Even some appropriate CX 'barrier' work in there. Feeding went good until the final 90 minutes of the day. Glad the race was nearing the end there. Good folks on the trail. Mixed it up with a bunch of folk. Had crazy luck at the awards that evening too.

Since then? Taking my 'winter' break. Not riding much, kayaking some and riding easy. Soon it'll be back to "work" training. Maybe a couple XC races to keep me motivated, A couple long CX events after summer and then a late start on regular CX. Looking forward to it.

Summer is here....even if wet and loaded with mosquitoes. Get out and ride!

Meanwhile, check back. I'll get some pics added to this post.