Whoooo Hooooo

Ribs are officially healing. Not all the way yet but enough that I can finally ride off road again.

Getting really wound up for CX season. Celbrated by hitting the trail with the CX rig tonight. Almost got taken out by two deer. Then a couple kids riding the wrong way. Wrapped up the night just missing a skunk. I'll need to get out there earlier next time.

Very cool news: Rob is building up a CX frame for me. This should be one VERY comfortable ride. After some discussion it will be all steel (no carbon rear end). Stay tuned, I might have some pics up here late September.

Getting ready for a nice two week push on the road bike. Looking forward to a super season.

Laugh often!


Fine Badger Indeed!

The Mighty Orange Badger 29er

Those of you that have followed along know that Rob Pennell of Badger Cycles built up a super sweet 29er frame for me. I’m a shorter rider (as 29ers go) and had asked him to consider S-bend seatstays which he did put on it. In the end the tire clearance we were after just couldn’t achieved on a frame as small as I needed. Knowing that I was anxious to get this frame and have it for Ouachita in March, Rob pressed on and finished it up.

After that race he took the frame back to rework the rear end. It now sports some sick seat stays and talk about clearance! Yowza. Loads of room there now.

Since I broke that batch of ribs late May I didn’t get much of a chance to ride it after it came back. Well, I’ve been on it a few times now and just have to say this bike sings! What a ride. It doesn’t take long to forget I’m riding a hard tail.

The handling is superb. Steering input from the saddle is the best I’ve ever had. The custom fit means I’ve been able to ride this bike for hours and not end up with a sore neck or back. Rob has the rider mass/weight distribution dialed.

Life, Spirit, a batch of custom selected light tubing make up this frame. The filet construction is a look I’ve always been partial to. This bike is rolling art. It is as much fun to look at as it is to ride. Makes for a very nice combination.

Some of Rob’s newest work is even sweeter looking. They seem to just keep getting better and better.

How’s it look? Take a peek. Final build was under 24#. The Industry Nine wheels are sub 1500g and spin up FAST. The whole package is incredibly responsive, especially with the CX 42s on there.

Has the heat wave finally moved on?

Whew, is this what it would be like to live in Phoenix in the summer? Burning my hand on the car shift knob?

Check out the storm front that cruised in here on Sunday, it's the same one that ended the 24 Nationals early.

The temps dropped about 15 degrees and the clouds were almost spiralling like a horizontal corkscrew. Wall of wind blasting them along. Glad I got in from my ride about 15 minutes before this thing blew in.