Happy New Year

I'll get around to posting about CX Nats and stuff since, but for now:
Happy New Year to all of you.



Should I resolve to be a better blogger? To post a bit more often?
How often should one update a blog?
What kind of things do you find interesting to read about?

Let me know what you think.

In the meantime, when I again have better connection...I'll post up a bit more about Nats.
Maybe a bit of year end reflection?

If the blog continues....it is overdue for a facelift.


Kansas City CX Nationals (KCCX)

Photos courtesy Andrea Tucker

Weather has been something else for this year's National race. Each day has had its very own character. Friday was mud over icy ruts after the a.m. races have mostly icy ruts. Sunday looks to be most like Saturday: icy and cold, maybe another dusting of fresh snow.

Friday was the race I've really trained for since Iron Cross. That's when I decided I'd do the rest of the CX season and aim for a trip to Nats.

The weather has made the course a bit more demanding as it was superbly muddy. Slick. Not a fast power course but much more a technical finesse course. A very good day at the races. Made the bronze podium step!

Maybe more later, connections are hard to come by with all the racers here. But then again...I'm slow on the blog front. Didn't ever get to posting the snowy KissCross / Holland race. That was fun too.


State USCF CX Race

Weather forecast: perfect for CX racing! It's been super nice all season so it's finally bringing some appropriate CX weather.


Early in the race:


Super course, absolute blast of a race. The snow, mud, fog, goo and all of our intensity made for one exciting race. Thanks to everyone, including all of you who raced and all of you who cheered us each on. More cowbell.

Photo thanks and credits to Steve and Matt