Long time that this blog has been pretty silent

Wow, it's been a long haul and not much in the way of posting going on here. It's been time to overhaul the look for ages so that part it done. Perhpas now I'll start to post a bit more!

The last year found me facing a major challenge, happy to be here to share that all reports are looking great so far. Here's looking to more of those.

Got in a few CX races last fall, those HURT, but then that's a part of CX. Doing it on no training was an interesting experience. If all goes well, I'll be training this year. Sorting out the what/how/serious or not on the biking front. In any case it's a blast to be back on the bike.

Did an intro to biking clinic for women last month along with Andrea and that was a lot of fun. Hopefully we'll get to do more of those.

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Alicia said...

Good to have you back Speedy! Keep on making the huge gains and remember - you're and ANIMAL!!